Urine Organic Acid Testing – #2

Urine organic acid testing is essential for developing the best possible body composition, increasing fat loss and achieving optimal health. The test is considered a functional test as it reflects the nutritional needs of the body instead of just measuring levels of nutrients and co-factors. This allows it to take genetic, environmental and stress factors into account.

In my book, Achieving Victory Over a Toxic World, I dedicated a chapter to the issue of weight loss and how environmental toxins can effect the energy cycle (Kreb’s or Citric Acid Cycle). Much of our energy expenditure during a normal day is spent by our resting metabolism. As I mentioned in the previous blog on the environmental pollutants test, a block on the Pyruvate/Lactate entry point caused by the toxins can cause carbohydrate metabolism to be shunted towards fat production. The urine organic acid test can pinpoint this issue and using the Lab Assist report, you can develop a nutritional program to break the log jam.

What make the urine organic acid test so valuable is how it can pinpoint disruptions throughout the Citric Acid Cycle, and what can make the energy production more efficient. What I pointed out in my book, is if toxic chemicals depress the cycle by as little as seven percent, you can eat well, exercise regularly but still gain anywhere from ten to thirty pounds a year.

Other issues that can be picked up by a urine organic acid test that have big impact on health include markers for dysbiosis, specific B-complex nutrient deficiencies, excessive ammonia build up (improper detoxification of high protein intake), and much more. It can also see if specific amino acids are inadequate functionally as opposed to a direct measurement as done in a plasma amino acid panel.

In my classes on laboratory testing and the art and science of biochemical individuality, I highlight this test as it is one of the most vital tools available to anyone interested in helping their clients achieve optimal health.


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