Pesticide Exposure and Health

In my blog about about Dr. Oz and his hypocritical statement that eating organic foods are elitist all the while he tells people to eat organic foods to avoid pesticide exposure, I’ve had a couple of comments that claim that pesticide exposure has never been shown to cause illness in people. The person also claimed that the journal Environmental Health Perspectives has no relevant studies showing what I claimed. I guess the person didn’t want to actually go to the journal’s website to verify his claim.

What made me smile this morning when I went to the journal’s website was the fact that the three papers of the year for 2012, per the editors of the journal are all on the subject of pesticide exposure on unborn children. As the editors said (you can see the references by clicking on the link), ” All three studies reported associations between prenatal OP pesticide exposures and adverse effects on cognitive function that continued into early childhood. The fact that three research groups reached such similar conclusions independently adds considerable support to the validity of the findings.”

Understand that association is not the same as causation, but if it smells like a fish, looks like a fish and tastes like a fish, chances are it is a fish. These are not the only studies that have reported associations between pesticide exposure from food and neurodevelopmental issues in children as well as many other health issues, there are hundreds. Does that mean we can stop research and claim that we have all the answers? Of course the answer is no. We need to have a better understanding on the mechanisms of how pesticide exposure affect health.

In this article posted this month by the editors of EHP, you can also read about their comment on the Stanford Study that dismissed the need to eat organic food. One issue they bring up is the epigenetic effect of low dose pesticide exposure on multiple generations. We are still finding new problems with pesticide exposure, not fewer.

Now, we could go on the merry go round of denial, which is something that BigAgra has been doing for years, but I won’t go their. They are using the exact same arguments (along with some of the same scientists) that Big Tobacco used to deny the link between smoking and cancer. We now know that there is a direct relationship. If you chose to deny that, well I guess you don’t need to come to this blog and waste your time. My goal with my blog is to give people information and resources that they can use to help themselves achieve optimal health.


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