Dr. Jay Wilson, DC – Treating the Adrenally Exhausted Patient

In this interview from June, 2007, Robert Crayhon talks to Dr. Jay Wilson about treating the adrenally exhausted patient.  Thanks to Complementary Prescriptions for the use of this recording.


NMU-2007-06-Jay Wilson, DC – Treating the adrenally-Exhausted Patient
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I must say I consider myself very lucky to know Dr. Jay Wilson as I feel that he is one of the most gifted healers out there today. If he lived closer to me, I would have my whole family seeing him, he’s that good.

A story comes to mind when the late Robert Crayhon and I did a seminar in Boulder back around 2008 and sitting close to the front was Dr. Jay Wilson. At our first break, Robert leaned over to me and said, ‘We have to be real sharp here and make sure our facts are straight because Jay will catch us right away. He is one smart person. The only one I’ve come across that can actually make me nervous while giving a talk.’

So what is adrenal fatigue? Your adrenal glands produce hormones like norepinephrine, cortisol and DHEA. Norepinephrine aka adrenaline is considered your flight-or-fight hormone. Basically, it is produced when you come about a situation that is threatening. In ancient times it was trying to get away from a predator like a tiger, today it might be trying to avoid other cars while driving or being stressed while in the mall Christmas shopping.

In our modern world, stress is so common that it is hard to find those moments to relax. The demands on the adrenal gland is greater than almost anytime in human history. Adrenal glands need support both nutritionally and emotionally. Eating well is key, but many need additional supplementation to keep up with demand. The other important thing to do is to take time out each and every day to relax and de-stress.

Take the time to listen to Dr. Wilson and Robert Crayhon. You won’t be sorry.

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