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Dr. Oz – Are You Kidding Me?

Recently, in a Time magazine editorial, TV personality and surgeon, Dr. Oz said that eating organic food is “elitist,” “snooty” and no better than conventional foods. He further went on to blather that buying organic food is for the “1%” and that “Organic food is great, it’s just not very democratic.” On top of that he put down buying your fruits and vegetables from farmers markets. Oz wrote, “Nutritionally speaking, there is little difference between the farmer’s-market bounty and the humble brick from the freezer case,”

Some have speculated that Dr. Oz has sold out to the big agribusiness/corporate food conglomerates who care more about making money than feeding us healthy food. Whatever the motivation for his inconceivable comments, they are flat out wrong. What makes his editorial even more ridiculous is that it contradicts information that is on his own website!!! Click here to read how important it is to eat organically from one of his writers.

There are a number of reasons why eating organic and locally are better for our health and for the environment. Organic food is five times less likely to have pesticide residue as conventionally grown food. The study from researchers at Stanford University published earlier this year, which Dr. Oz has blasted, said that this difference is inconsequential. I am here to tell you otherwise. While an occasional exposure to small amounts of pesticides aren’t that much of a problem (except to children), it isn’t just one or two exposures, it’s cumulative. You keep eating foods with a little bit of pesticides for a few decades and it isn’t just a little bit anymore, it’s a lot and that can cause major health problems.

Eating locally grown food is better for you as they are more likely to be fully ripe than commercially grown foods that can come from thousands of miles away. Shipping food from far away uses a lot more fuel than locally grown food. Taste is a big difference as well. Just take tomatoes for instance. A locally grown tomato can taste delicious like a tomato should. Much of what you find in your local grocery chain has no taste as they pick them green and spray chemicals on them to turn red. Sorry Dr. Oz, I don’t think that buying good tasting food makes me elitist.

On his own website, Dr. Oz tells us that “16 million IQ points lost in young children from organophosphates carries a price tag of more than $169 billion in lost productivity when they grow up.” And we should now disregard this because organic food is “elitist” and only for the “1%”? In my opinion, Dr. Oz has become a hypocrite of the highest nature and has some serious explaining to do.

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Health – Let’s Talk About Real Health

So what will this blog be about? What is different from my other blogs? Well let me fill you in on what my plans are. First off, I will be uploading my podcasts, Let’s Talk Real Health, both old and new. I’ve got plans to interview a wide variety of people in the health care industry and sharing their insights with you. On top of that, I’ll be writing regular blogs on health issues of the day as well as commenting on health issues from the past.

Another great new addition will be a rebroadcast of the late Robert Crayhon’s Nutritional Medical Update thanks to permission from the good people at Complimentary Prescriptions. Robert’s interviews with some of the top people in health and wellness was some of the most enlightening listens that I have ever heard. You will enjoy them if you heard them for the first time or if you’ve heard them countless times, they are that good.

Yet another feature will be an answer to one of the questions I’m most asked, namely, “What books would you recommend that I read to learn more about the field of good health?” Once or twice a week, I will recommend books that are either for the layman or for the professional that have information that is solid, helpful and is scientifically based.

While there is much misinformation of the internet, there are some really good blog and information sites as well. It will be my job here to send you to some of them as I become aware of them like this one, the blog site of Jonny Bowden, the Rogue Nutritionist.  There are countless other resources that I will be sharing so sign up to get notices of when I’ve updated the site and come back often to get information that will help you, your family and friends or your clients achieve real health.

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