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New Speakers for TahoeFest 2013

Lake Tahoe Hyatt

Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe

Just wanted to announce some new speakers for TahoeFest 2013. The first is Dr. Thomas O’Bryan, D.C. whose topic will be “Differentiating Tools for Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease: In-Office and Laboratory Assessments.” He will review this new-kid-on-the (science)-blocknon-celiac gluten sensitivity, how to identify it, and more importantly how to treat it.

The next addition is Dr. Rachel Fresco, L.Ac., PhD. developer of Biocidin, one of my favorite herbal products on the market. I’m sure anyone who has attended any of my seminars will be familiar with the product for its many uses as nutritional support associated with intestinal ecology, systemic wellness and detoxification. Her talk will be on how to use the botanical combinations she has developed to help your clients achieve optimal health.

I also want to stress what the theme of TahoeFest 2013 is – Practical Tools For Your Clinical Practice. When I mean practical tools I mean things you can use right away to help improve your clients health as well as improving your practice whether as a physical trainer, naturopath, chiropractor, MD, DO or clinical nutritionist. Everyone will benefit from this seminar, especially your client.

To register, click on this link. Hope to see you at TahoeFest 2013!!!

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Caesar vs Pompei or Protein vs Carbs


Julius Caesar

In the Battle of Pharsalus, the armies led by Julius Caesar defeated those led by  Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus to end the Roman Civil War. Now, you may wonder, what in the world does this have to do with health? Let me explain.

Pompey the Great as he was known, was a highly successful general in the Roman army and was leading an army to put an end to Julius Caesar’s grab at dictatorial powers. His army was 2-3 times larger than Caesar’s but he was wary of starting a direct battle with his counterpart due to Caesar’s noted military brilliance. What he decided to do was to choke off supplies of wheat to his enemy. Roman soldiers marched on bread and stopping the flow of wheat meant no bread. Caesar was now in a bind.

Instead of feasting on bread the men were forced to forage for vegetables and fruits and to eat animal protein. This did not sit well with his men but Caesar’s troops remained loyal despite the lack of bread. When Pompey was finally forced to commit to facing Caesar in a direct confrontation he believed that he had starved his adversaries out.

The Battle of Pharsalus took place in August or July of 48 BC. Pompey was sure that Caesar’s army would be weak but the exact opposite was really the case. They had feasted on proteins versus the normal breads so in actuality Caesar’s men were better equipped to handle a long battle which is exactly what happened. Despite being out numbered 3-1, Caesar’s men wore out their carbohydrate-fed opponents and routed them causing Pompey and many of his senatorial allies to flee.

Moral of the story? Even historically, eating a high protein diet before physical exertion is vastly superior to carbohydrate loading. When I was a competitive runner back in the late ’70s and early ’80s, much of the dietary focus was on complex carbohydrates which turned out to be a big mistake. Luckily in today’s world, we know better.

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TahoeFest 2013 – Practical Tools For Your Practice


Lake Tahoe Hyatt

Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe

TahoeFest 2013, to be held to the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Incline Village, Nevada on the shores of Lake Tahoe is shaping up as the go to seminar of the year. Hosted by yours truly, Mark Schauss, it will provide the attendees practical tools to help improve their practice. The prestigious group of speakers includes Luke Bucci, PhD, Ryan Bentley, DC, John Young, MD, Karen Hotchkiss, MD, and Mark Newman, MS. When the TahoeFest 2013 conference is over, you will be able to put all of the information presented into use the first day you are back at your practice.

Here is a run down on some of the topics and speakers that will be presenting at TahoeFest 2013:

Dr. Ryan Bentley, DC – Sex, Lies and Cholesterol and  Hitting the Target in Diagnosing and Treating Thyroid and Carbohydrate Metabolism Dysfunction

Dr. Luke Bucci, PhD – Joint and Arthritis Supplements and the Real Facts Behind Them

Mark Newman, MS – A New Paradigm in Hormone Testing: Diurnal Urine Testing

Mark Schauss, DBA – Advanced Ways to Utilize Laboratory Testing to Get Maximum Results,  Elite Athlete Case Studies, and  Safe and Effective Heavy Metal Detoxification Protocols

Karen Hotchkiss, MD – Reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis – A Case Study

John Young, MD – Reversing Type II Diabetes in 6 weeks

To sign up for TahoeFest 2013 just click this link.

For reservations and special room rates of $159 per room (this is an incredible deal for this world class resort), please use the link below or call the Hyatt at 888-421-1442 and say that you are attending the Lab Interpretation Informational Talk. Hyatt Room Reservations

The conference location is one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Come and spend some time relaxing in their indoor-outdoor pool or just take in the incredible scenery that is sure to make the trip a memorable one.

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Brain Health – How to Improve Cognition

Brain health is one of the most important topics in health today due to our aging society. Not only do we want to stay healthy and vibrant as possible, we also want to stay as mentally sharp as possible. Today’s blog is focused on how to improve brain health for as long as you live.

Earlier today, I was on the weekly radio show I do each Monday (1-2 pm PST) on Sirius/XM radio with Frank Jordan (Healthy, Wealthy and Wise) when the question of brain health came up. Being in my mid-50’s, it is an issue I am quite interested in and have done a lot of research. I’ve done a number of lectures around the world on the subject, with my next ones being in Australia the next two weekends.

The first, and certainly most important thing to do is eat right and exercise. There are numerous studies showing that eating a well balanced diet and staying away from sugar laden foods and drinks is a way to keep your brain health at an optimal level. Exercise is another well documented way to keep your mind sharp. Just walking a few miles a day is enough to keep dementia at bay. But what if you want to reverse cognitive decline or better yet, keep your brain from going down hill? There are some simple, yet effective nutrients that are available from your health food store today.

The first nutrient I would recommend to improve brain health is GlyceroPhosphoCholine, or GPC for short. I was introduced to this powerful nutrient by Dr. Parris Kidd who I had the honor to work with in the past. In his book on GPC, he shares its many amazing uses for brain health. Study after human study has revealed how this nutrient found in the brain can help people slow down cognitive decline as well as invigorate your mind. From stroke victims to healthy young adults, GPC is a powerful nutrient that helps memory and mental sharpness. The important thing to remember is the dosage. Most supplements come in 300 milligram capsules but to get the documented results you need to take 1,200 milligrams per day, preferably in the morning.

Next up is acetyl-L-carnitine (also known as ALCAR) which has also had strong research into its ability to improve brain health. I was first turned on the this amazing amino acid like compound by the late clinical nutritionist Robert Crayhon. Numerous human studies have been done on this natural supplement that show how powerful it is in protecting brain health where it acts as a powerful antioxidant, protecting brain cells from deteriorating. My suggestion is to supplement with 500 milligrams to 1 gram daily for maximum benefits.

Other nutrients or supplements that can be brain invigorating include Phosphatidyl Serine (PS), vinpocetine, and of course, omega 3 fatty acids. With Omega 3’s, don’t forget what Dr. John Young talks about which is to take it with protein.  You can use his whey protein or something like Synerplex Amino Acids which I formulated. Whatever you try, eating well and exercising are crucial in keeping your brain health is at its optimal level.

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